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Terra Thessalia - Cooperating micro regions
Terra Thessalia - Cooperating micro regions
Thessally's geography and history have formed between the big plain and the surrounding mountains small regions organized around a small town. These micro-regions developed over time a remarkable local culture and a mediating role between the economy of the mountain populations that is based on pastoral farming and the cities of the plain. They were also for centuries the place of overwintering and after 1950 the place of permanent establishment of the pastoral, nomadic populations. Today they continue preserving and reproducing a distinct culture, knowledge, know-how, practices, experiences and values around this livestock and dairy tradition. This heritage has taken the form of small dairy chains organized around small artisanal dairies and hundreds pastoral sheep and goat's herds that continue to utilize, like their ancestors, the Thessalian pasture lands.
Despite preserving this tradition and the quality characteristics in their relationships and their productions, those small chains are threatened by the onslaught of businesses that are growing bigger every day and the intensification of livestock farming. The awareness of their common cultural and productive tradition and the ever-increasing interest of the consumers led those micro-regions to a cooperation through which TERRA THESSALIA was created. This act expresses their will to preserve and guarantee the specific characteristics of the products they produce incorporating characteristics, elements and ties into this rich dairy tradition and in the interest of all those involved, especially the livestock farmers.
Terra Thessalia
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