What we guarantee - Participatory Guarantee System
The Participatory Guarantee System (PGS), based upon active participation of the actors and the producers of TerraThessalia, guarantees for the quality of the product, its ties with the production place, the fair redistribution of the added value to livestock farmers and small cheese makers as well as managing a sustainable relationship between people, animals and nature.
The PGS:
  • is supported by the TerraThessalia specialized services, the local society's participation, the associating university laboratories and uses tools of advanced technology,
  • develops its own guarantee instruments and integrates the official certifications (PDO, laboratories)
  • is based on specifications that concern all the sectors of the dairy chain (pasture lands, animal breed, animal feed proximity, health and quality of products etc.)
  • guarantees the Quality Mark of the Thessaly small dairy regions
  • constitutes a best practice guide for the guidance of the herds and the respect of the TerraThessaliaLactis specifications
The PGS supports a common vision of the TerraThessalia producers and the consumers, strengthening their between knowledge exchange, based on the principles of participation, reciprocity, transparency and trust.
Participatory Guarantee System 1
Participatory Guarantee System 1
Participatory Guarantee System 2
Participatory Guarantee System 2
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