Our services
1.The Participatory Guarantee System (PGS) guarantees for the quality of the product, its ties with the production place, the fair redistribution of the added value to livestock farmers and small cheese makers as well as for a sustainable relationship between people, animals and nature. It is supported by TerraThessalia services (using advanced technology tools) with the active participation of its actors and producers, the local society and the associated university labs.
2.Providing livestock farms with rational (personalized and balanced) feed ration and pasture land improvement. The implementation of the service is coordinated by TerraThessalia, with the participation of a group of academic experts and researchers, executives of development agencies and zootechnicians of the Livestock Cooperatives.
3.Marketing for the promotion of the TerraThessalia dairy products with special orientation to markets with particular interests and the promotion of the specific characteristics of the Thessaly livestock farming.
4.Promotion of Research and Development (R&D) projects that support the transfer and implementation of research results to the entire spectrum of the dairy production
Terra Thessalia
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