Thessaly - Traditional cheese-making
Thessaly has a remarkable tradition and an important production capacity in the dairy sector. In the small family businesses that operate until today the art of producing cheese products is being transferred from generation to generation. The occurring activity and the quality of the products are inextricably linked to the pastoral tradition and the cultural identity of Thessaly. Its dairy products are distinguished due to the specific characteristics of its micro-regions that add quality and reputation. Geography, history, heritage and the production activity form ultimately a unique and specific Thessaly dairy resource. As a resource it is defined here the combination of the material (indigenous breeds, flora, climate) and immaterial (heritage, know-how and knowledge etc.) components of the Thessalian regions that characterize internally and externally the final product.
The redirection of consumers towards the quality and the identity of agri-food products offers new prospects and reward potentials for the preservation by the livestock farmers and cheese-makers of Thessaly of this traditional activity.
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