What we guarantee - Milk's quality characteristics
Terra Thessalia Lactis - Milk's quality characteristics
The quality of TerraThessalia milk, cheese and other dairy products are evaluated based on, internationally accepted, quality characteristics such as, hygienic, nutritional, technological etc. Those are connected both with the main characteristics of milk (fat, protein, lactose etc.) and the secondary ingredients as well such as minerals, vitamins, fatty acids, terpenes, phenols etc.
If the milk's composition in macro and micro-ingredients is of particular value for the products of TerraThessalia, it is because of the pastoral production system from which the milk originated. It is the soil and weather conditions of the production place, the animal feed, their genotype, their hygienic condition, the animal husbandry practices (method and frequency of milking etc.) that characterize the natural environment and the organization of our livestock holdings.
Continuous grazing in natural and tame pastures of the thessalian land with rich and varied flora offers milk with high fat content and consequently cheeses of high nutritional value, rich in flavor and aromas.
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