About us - Management body
Cooperation Body of the small Thessaly dairy regions
Goals - role
  1. Development and implementation of a cluster strategy
  2. Organization and provision of the following services:
    • Implementation of the participatory guarantee system
    • Feed and feed ration
    • Marketing and promotion of products
    • Coordination of contacts with the markets
    • Search of funding and R&D programmes
  1. Implementation and monitoring of the participatory guarantee system for the exploitation of the ties between the sheep and goat milk production with their breeding areas, aiming at a group of consumers interested in the products of a specific region.
    A system which:
    • It allows local actors to guarantee with their own means and ways the internal and external quality of their dairy products.
    • Is based on specifications that concern all the sectors of the dairy chain (pasture land, breed, proximity of the used feed, health and quality of products etc.)
    • Incorporates the official certifications (PDO, laboratories) to ensure the quality of the products and the connection with the production place.
    • Guarantees the Quality Label of the small Thessaly dairy regions.
    • Is finally a good practice guide for the guidance of the herds and the respect of the cluster's specifications.
  2. Implementation of a rational feed ration system (personalized and balanced) and pasture land improvement:
    • A service that focuses on maintaining the relationship between feeding and proximity of feed combined with the animal's health and the production place.
    • Ensured by a group that incorporates academic experts and researchers, executives of development companies and zoothechnicians of the Livestock Cooperatives. The coordinator of this group is Terra Thesslia.
  3. Marketing-promotion of the Terra Thesslia dairy products and markets: Actions for the promotion of the local dairy chain and creation of a label.
  4. Support the transfer of research results into practice: A system that will transfer the problems of the dairy chain to the research centers aiming at resolving problems and contributing in the development of an agricultural application system.
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